S30 Cadenazzo-Luino-Malpensa

(Bellinzona -) Cadenazzo - Luino (- Malpensa Aeroporto)

The S30 line crosses the border, connecting Ticino with Milano Malpensa Airport via Gambarogno and the district of Luino. Depending on the train journey chosen, the S30 begins in Bellinzona/Cadenazzo and stops at all regional stations on the way to Luino/Milano Malpensa.

The S30 arrives directly at Terminal 1 and 2 in Malpensa.

From June 2018 the S30 will end in Gallarate. Travellers to Malpensa Aeroporto can use the S40 line.

For more information on S30, you can download the TILO timetable 2018 or consult the SBB online timetable.

Alert: S30 travels with limitations until 28. April 2018