S50 Varese-Mendrisio-Lugano-Bellinzona

Varese - Stabio - Mendrisio - Lugano - Bellinzona

The S50 is the line that connects Varese to Mendrisio, Lugano and Bellinzona. This service runs every hour from Monday to Saturday (every 60 minutes) from 05.30 to 20.30 with stops at all regional train stations.

Together with the S40 connections Varese-Mendrisio-Como it is possible to travel half-way between Varese and Mendrisio.
Thanks to the replacement hub of Mendrisio, all connections have been harmonized. This makes it possible in the triangle Lugano-Varese-Como to move freely every half hour.

The S50 connection with departure from Bellinzona in the minute .02 travels together with the S10 as the only vehicle. In Mendrisio the two trains are separated: the S10 continues to Chiasso-Albate Camerlata, the S50 continues towards Varese. In the south-north direction, the S10 and S50 trains will be connected in Mendrisio and will continue as a single vehicle to Bellinzona.

For more information on TILO S50 connections, download the TILO 2018 regional timetable or the Varese-Como / Varese Lugano 2018 timetable or consult the SBB online timetable.